Mother’s Day Celebration


This Friday I have a unique opportunity to perform the wedding ceremony for one of my former youth group students. It is truly an honor to be a part of their celebration. Keep me in prayer as I will be making a whirlwind trip to Philly so that I can be back to preach in Burrton at 6pm.

This weekend, we will look at the period of 1,000 years known as the Millennium. I am very excited to preach this important message. If you are unable to make it on Sunday, please join us in Burrton on Saturday at 6pm.

Remember that there are NO Connection Groups this Sunday.  New groups will start NEXT week (May 17).  If you didn’t register and still want to participate there are two groups open.  E-mail Jacque ( for details. Fees for materials ($10/book) will be collected at the beginning of the session.

We will have a special time to recognize all women this Sunday.  Bring your family and start your Mother’s Day celebration at our worship service.

I want to thank all of the JAM and IMPACT leaders who served this past school year on Wednesday nights! It was a great year. I am truly blessed by your service and sacrifice as you poured your life into our kids. 

I am so blessed to be your Pastor! Have a GREAT week!

Pastor Chip