Eight to Eat is Back!


I am constantly amazed by God’s refining grace in my life. He is so loving and so patient with me. I am honored and humbled to be your Pastor and blessed by every opportunity to serve you. Thank you for your patience, support and encouragement as I seek to follow the Good Shepherd.

Christina decided to start playing the violin. I am surprised by her choice but she seems really motivated to learn and play.

Eight to Eat is back by popular demand. This is your chance to join 6-7 others to enjoy a meal and fellowship for supper on Friday, September 18 at 6:30. The host provides the main dish and coordinates who brings the sides and dessert. You can sign-up to host or attend this Sunday at the Information Table. Sign-up deadline is Sunday, September 13. Gail Kirtley can answer your questions: tgkirtley@cox.net.

If you love to sing traditional hymns come and enjoy our Senior Luncheon on Saturday, September 19 at 11:30. After a free lunch of Hawaiian chicken bowls and lemon pound cake we will do some singing and hear Larry Schmidt’s testimony. We need your RSVP so sign-up this Sunday at the Information Table or e-mail Jacque (jacque@livingalegacy.church.)

Our weekly fall ministries for kids start one week from tonight (September 9) from 6:30-8pm. JAM (Jesus and ME) is for kids ages 4 years -5th grade and IMPACT for 6th grade-high school seniors. Your kids will have a great time, so have them invite friends and neighbors! Let us know if God is calling to you to help with this important ministry. We still need a few more volunteers.

May God bless you and pour His favor into your life as you continue to seek his Kingdom first and His righteousness.

Have a GREAT week!

Pastor Chip