Spring Break

Hello – 

Last week for Spring Break, our family went to Branson for the first time. It was fantastic. One of the highlights was watching the Samson production at the Sight and Sound Theater. Amazing! I highly recommend it before time runs out. It was good to get away. However, I did hear that we missed some heavy winds here in Newton. 

Mileage is ramping up as 1/2 marathon training is in full swing. Currently, I am at 40 miles a week. Allergies are killing me so I have been investing in Zyrtec. 

You are welcome to pray during the services. We have designated the conference room behind the stage (the old nursery). It is nothing structured. Just show up and prayer for the church and every aspect of the service. This is extremely important as we depend on God to do what He does best!

I can’t wait to see you on Sunday! I love being YOUR Pastor! Have a GREAT week!