Pastor's Update 7/3/19


I pray that your week is going well and that you have a great time tomorrow with friends and family celebrating American independence. We will probably stick around the house. Our  neighbors do a fantastic job each year putting on a fireworks display. 

If your small group is interested in passing our free popsicles at local parks, please let me know and we will help make it happen.

Four of our kids will be heading off to Camp Good News this coming Monday in Hutch. Tyler will be a counselor and the three others will be campers. They really enjoy it. Serving as a camp counselor many years ago in Western, Pennsylvania is where I discerned my calling to be a Pastor. Some powerful things happen at Christian camps. 

I am looking for a volunteer to take some pizzas and sodas to the Burrton Church this Saturday, July 6th. They will be serving at the Burrton festival all day and will be hungry around 6pm. Let me know if you are interested and I will give you more details. 

I look forward to see you this Sunday at church. I love being your Pastor!

Have a GREAT week!

Pastor Chip

Chip Bungard