Pastor's Update 8/15/19


As I am about to write this update, I hear voices talking outside of my office. Out of curiosity, I look out my window to see who it is. I notice a few of them. It is a group of teachers from Santa Fe walking to Back Alley Pizza for lunch. I pause and say a prayer for them, all teachers and administrators that work in Newton. I am so grateful for our community outreach team that will provide opportunities throughout this school year to bless the staff at the Santa Fe School. Be sure to bring in your candy bars these next few weeks so that we can give them to the staff on their birthdays. 

I know that I don't say this enough but I am so grateful for those of you who lead ministries, lead small groups and serve in various ministries throughout our church. Developing a healthy church is a team effort and you are doing your part in moving God's church forward.

Nothing too crazy going on in our household. Tyler leaves in two weeks for college. Alex and Christina start at Life Prep after Labor Day. Michelle will be playing flag football and Nathan soccer. Our new cat, Sneezy, is under the weather. We will be taking her to the vet later today for some antibiotics and ointment. 

I love being your Pastor! See you on Sunday!


Chip Bungard