Pastor's Update 8/28/19


On Friday, we will take Tyler to college. He will be attending Calvary University. They have asked him to play soccer (specifically goalie) because of his height. It's a new chapter for him. Shannon and I are excited to see what God has for him next. 

Alex and Christina will finally start school next Wednesday at Life Prep Academy in Wichita. They are bored and ready to go back. We are ready for them to go back too!

Shannon had a birthday yesterday. The kids made her breakfast and Christina made her a cake. She spent the day shopping at JCPenny with a gift card that someone gave her for her birthday. She had a blast!

We are still collecting Candy Bars for teachers at Santa Fe. You can bring them this Sunday and drop them off at the Welcome Center in Fellowship Hall. 

I know it's Labor Day weekend but if you're in town, I can't wait to see you on Sunday! I love being your Pastor. 

Have a GREAT week!


Chip Bungard