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Image by Debby Hudson



Wow, what a beautiful week! I hope you were able to enjoy it. If the Lord gave us weather like this every day, I would be perfectly fine with it. However, we do need rain, but maybe he could shower us at night while we are sleeping. Just a thought. 


We are entering the final week of winter sports!! It’s been fun but exhausting. I am ready for a little break. I think Michelle will be the only one doing a spring sport in our family this year. She will be doing track. 


Gloria Rains and our kitchen team prepared meals for the teachers at Santa Fe this past week! I am so proud of them. As we gather together on the “inside” it’s important that we don’t forget those who are on the “outside.” 


This sermon series has been a lot of fun. I love talking about Jesus and observing his interactions with others. As disciples, we can learn tons from the master-teacher, himself. This week I will be preaching out of John 10 and will talk to you about the right protector. Spoiler alert: Jesus is the right protector. 


I love being your Pastor and can’t wait to see you on Sunday!



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