Pastor's Weekly Update

November 19, 2020



Our family would appreciate your prayers as we seek to make a full recovery. Being home and sick is not fun. Yet, we will prevail and have enjoyed our time together. 


Today, Shannon and I, are celebrating 25 years of marriage! Wow, that went by so fast. I am so thankful for her and God’s goodness and mercy that has followed us through every step of the way. 


I hope that you are making the most out of this week of prayer and fasting. Prayer is THE work of the ministry. 


A few more pies and turkeys are needed for the Community Thanksgiving Dinner. You can go to our website and sign up. Also, be sure to bring canned goods and non-perishables to church this Sunday. We will be using that food to serve families of students that attend the Santa Fe school. 


Stay safe and keep us posted if you need anything. I love being your Pastor! 


-Pastor Chip

November 12, 2020



I hope you are staying healthy and safe as COVID numbers ramp up here in Newton and all across our country. My wife tested positive, so we are ALL home for a while. I am trying to make the best of it. She is closed in our bedroom and I wear a mask when I take her food. She feels weak and had a fever at first. She also has lower back pain which I guess is common. Keep us in prayer. 


God is so good because I scheduled Eric to preach this Sunday months ago! He is a fabulous communicator that will continue our important series, The SuperPower of Prayer. 


Next week November 16-20, will be our week of fasting and prayer. You can fast anytime or anyway you would like. Pray for our country, community, and church. We want your prayer request because on Friday, November 20th starting at 7am, we will have people praying for 24 hours straight! Pretty powerful and exciting!! Please visit our Prayer Portal to submit your prayer requests.


Yesterday (November 10th) was Tyler and Nathans birthday (7 years apart). Tyler is still away at college and had a good time with friends. Nathan was pretty bummed about staying home on his birthday. No party and we didn’t ice cream or a cake.  Well, Eric Mosher, on his own accord, picked up and delivered a ton of party food. Nathan was elated! He was so happy! Eric even bought him his favorite…Little Debbie Oatmeal pies! What a surprise and what a blessing!!


I am planning to be visible and back in action on Sunday, November 22nd. Please contact me or anyone on our staff if you need anything! I love being your Pastor! Have a great week!!

November 5, 2020



It is around 10:30 PM on election night. Results are still coming in. So I thought this would be a good time to write this week's update. I don’t think I have to convince you that God is in charge of all things at all times and can be completely trusted. It is my passion and desire that we will make Him Leader and King of our life and turn to Him at all times. He truly is the hope of this nation and in our world.


I want to thank everyone who played an important part in our hotdog giveaway for Halloween. We gave around 1400 hotdogs away! I love it when we get outside the church walls to show God's love to our community. There will be many more opportunities in the coming weeks so stay tuned.


This Sunday we are on week three in a sermon series that I’m calling "The SuperPower of Prayer". We are going through "The Lord's Prayer" which is the most famous prayer in all the Bible. The purpose of The Lord's Prayer is to teach us how to pray. It is my goal for all of us that we pray on purpose and pray more often.


I would love to invite you to our free pizza buffet fundraiser dinners a Back Alley Pizza. The first one is this Sunday, November 8th, at 1pm. It is a fundraiser for Young Life which is a ministry designed to reach students who don’t go to church or youth group. Please go to our Facebook page for the link to sign up. Thank you!


I love being your pastor and hope you have a great week!

October 29, 2020



This week is off to a chilly start! 


I’m so excited about our hot dog for Halloween giveaway Saturday night. Please join us around 5 PM to make an impact in our community. We still need plenty of hotdogs to make this work. Go to our website to sign up! 


My daughter Michelle is choosing to be me for Halloween - I guess I should be honored. I am sure my wife will post pictures on Facebook.


If you are able to make it to church this Sunday, I would love to see you! We will be looking at part two in a sermon series that I am calling "The Superpower of Prayer". We are unpacking the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6.


As always, I love being your pastor and hope you have a great week!