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From Malee Howington

Calling all prayer warriors. The following post is from Zach Baker, my cousin. His mom is Ronda Baker (daughter of Jesse and Mary Russell) and dad is Tony Baker. My mom and dad contracted covid-19 a couple weeks ago, which developed into pneumonia and in turn caused a lot of damage to their lungs before they made it to the ER. After being hospitalized, my dad is on track for a full recovery but my mom is in really bad shape. Only time will tell if she'll recover but I know no matter what God is holding her fast. Please pray with me for comfort from her physical suffering, for God's grace and healing hand, for my dad's continued physical recovery and emotional distress witnessing his wife progressively worsen, and ultimately that God's glory would be seen through such a painful experience. Covid-19 sucks. Let's send up lots of prayers for healing and recovery for Ronda and Tony.

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Praise for Vickie, who has been eating better. Please pray for Bill's healing after his procedure, Adam's upcoming life-changing event, and Stephen Brault, who was recently bitten by a dog.

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