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Lynn Tardy-Saunders

Update on baby Oliver: More of Oliver's biopsy results came back yesterday, and it was not what we wanted to see. Oliver has 18 copies of the MYCN gene, which means his cancer is extremely aggressive and will be harder to beat. We are staying here an extra day because he had a fever last night, and they want to make sure his blood work comes back good. We’re looking forward to getting this little guy back home for a bit. 

His left kidney is also losing function due to the tumor squishing it. It is not properly draining from the top. The doctors believe at this point it is better to leave it be and watch as inserting a tube to drain it would introduce a high risk of infection. They are hoping the chemo shrinks the tumor enough to fix the issue without intervention. Please continue to pray.

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Bill Jaworski

Bill and Vickie will be leaving on May 2nd for New Jersey and New York for Bill's class reunion. Please pray for a safe trip, good health for both, and good subway connections.

Bill Jaworski

Praise for Vickie, who has been eating better. Please pray for Bill's healing after his procedure, Adam's upcoming life-changing event, and Stephen Brault, who was recently bitten by a dog.

Lynn Tardy Saunders

My baby cousin Oliver is 19 months old and has Stage 4 cancer. Today is his third day of chemo. The cancer has metastasized in his little body. Praying for him and his parents, Devin and Haley Tolbert


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