Michelle Crist's Mom

Please pray for Michelle Crist' mom - she has been took to hospital with chest pain and shortness of breath.

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Missy & Jon Ducimetiere

Our 15 year old son, Ocean, is scheduled for major pelvis and femur reconstruction at Shriner’s hospital June 24th. Right now he’s recovering from a head cold. He has a pending Covid test he has to

From Lori Hein

Praise item - My surgery went smoothly and recovery is expected to go well. Mostly praise for peace during the whole ordeal. Power of prayer is awesome! Thank you Lord!

From Karren Hulse

Tray Ambler was in accident 3 1/2 weeks ago. Hos update. He now knows his mom, dad and wife. He can respond to nurses with his eyes. He also can respond with writing. He has done great That night