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Tonya Flickinger

Tonya Flickinger was diagnosed with COVID-19 over the weekend. Ryan is currently taking her to the ER. She is really sick. She can barely walk and is throwing up a lot.

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Lynn Tardy-Saunders

Update on baby Oliver: More of Oliver's biopsy results came back yesterday, and it was not what we wanted to see. Oliver has 18 copies of the MYCN gene, which means his cancer is extremely aggressiv

Bill Jaworski

Praise for Vickie, who has been eating better. Please pray for Bill's healing after his procedure, Adam's upcoming life-changing event, and Stephen Brault, who was recently bitten by a dog.

Lynn Tardy Saunders

My baby cousin Oliver is 19 months old and has Stage 4 cancer. Today is his third day of chemo. The cancer has metastasized in his little body. Praying for him and his parents, Devin and Haley Tolbert



Tonya is doing much better after an IV treatment and should be going home soon! Thank you for lifting her and her family up!

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