Vicki - ER Visit

Vickie Jaworski is at the emergency room here in Newton. They are getting her stable, then taking her to the E.R. in Wichita.


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Glenda's Sister

Glenda Miller is requesting prayer for her sister Colleen as she is not doing well. Her daughter Lynette is exploring the option of hospice for her. She is Glenda's last sibling. She is so grateful

Karen's Surgery

Karen Hulse will be having surgery for a hammertoe on October 22 at 12:00.  She requests prayer for a successful surgery and peace of mind because this surgery is going to stretch their finances.

Adam & Gallstones

Adam, my son, is having issues with gallstones.  Pray that they will shrink or pass.  He is suffering a lot and has missed a week of work. Also, Vicki is having some issues with her eyesight.  She wil