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I'm having a lot of problems with my blood pressure. It goes way low causing me to fall then it goes way high causing doubled vision and my heartbeat in my ears is so loud I can't hear what anyone's talking about nor can I hear myself speak.

Today I'm really having problems with blurry vision. Please ray I can get the health issues figured out.

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Bruce Large

Pray for healing for Madeline and relief from the pain she is experiencing. Also, pray for Madeline's brother who is having a pacemaker implanted this morning. Pray for healing and that he will know

Bill Jaworski

Praise for Vickie. She no longer has the G-tube and is able to eat soft foods in small portions. Please continue to pray for her ongoing health issues.

Bill Jaworski

Pray for Vickie's doctors to find a solution to the drainage around her G tube. This issue is causing her to lose a significant amount of calories and protein. Also, pray for Bill who will see a doc

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